Sunday, 12 January 2014

Last Season - This Season

Last season was the best tomato growing season I've had for about six years. The wet weather stayed away and there was plenty of sunshine - very unusual for a summer in the UK!

Instead of blight and the numerous other diseases caused by damp weather and cold conditions, stress caused by high temperatures and supplying enough water was the main concern.

Container growing has come on in "leaps and bounds" with the introduction of air pots and smart pots that allow much more oxygen into the roots than a conventional plastic pot or container.

This allows plants to grow with more vigour and reach maturity sooner - especially if watered and fed consistently.

So last season was spent optimising growing conditions rather than struggling against the weather.

I guess the challenge is being ready for whatever the weather throws at us!

Let's hope that the season ahead (2014), is as good for growing tomatoes as last season was.

The Tomato Newsletter begins again in February 2014.

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