Sunday, 19 January 2014

Choosing The Tastiest Tomatoes

Perhaps the main reason why we grow tomatoes is for the taste. There's no doubt that a home grown tomato is a treat for the taste buds.

However, some home grown varieties taste better, or are sweeter than others.

The sweetness of a tomato is measured on the Brix scale. For example, Gardener's Delight has a rating of 7.0 and Sweet Million rates at 7.1.

There are varieties that rate higher including Sungold at 9.3 and Rosada at an amazing 10.5!

Of course there's more to tomato taste than sugar content alone. Gardener's Delight is well known for having a good balance of sugar and acid which enhances it's traditional flavour.

I guess that a high sugar Brix rating with an acceptable amount of acid content should produce an excellent flavour.

Here's a list of varieties and their Brix rating worth trying this season.

Piccolo, Sungold and Black Cherry Tomatoes
Three of my favourite varieties for taste are Piccolo, Sungold and Black Cherry (left) which I grew last season.

As always, I shall be trying new varieties and definitely ones from the list with a high Brix rating.

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