Tuesday, 12 May 2009

So Far ... So Good!

I've gone to the effort this season to make sure that all of my outdoor plants are under cover with a lean-to placed here and there around the garden.

Last season was so disappointing because of blight, that I decided that if I were to continue to grow outdoors then It was necessary to keep the plants out of the rain. It only takes a few wet days and a few cold nights to spoil things.

Red Alert has shown just how good a variety it is, by producing the first tiny pea-sized fruit of this season. I sowed the Red Alert seed after Tumbling Tom back in February but it caught-up and over-took Tumbling Tom which I sowed two weeks earlier.

However, they are both fantastic varieties and earliness is not the only reason for choosing a which variety to grow.

There are a few mistakes that are very easy to make that can put all your hard work in jeopardy. I like to be positive and have a glass that is half full and not half empty, but the following are things I would try not to do.


Give your plants too much water (many people kill their plants with kindness).

Feed your plants with tomato food until they begin to fruit.

Pour water over the leaves (tomato plant leaves like dry conditions).

Use compost and old soil from last season - it probably contains diseases and bugs.

Feel the leaves from plant to plant - you may be spreading diseases on your fingers.

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