Monday, 18 May 2009

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

This season I'm determined not to get caught-out.

I've suffered blight, disease and blossom end rot in previous seasons but I think this time I am well prepared.

All of my outdoor plants are under some kind of shelter to avoid blight due to rain.

I've sterilized all the equipment used last season to help avoid disease and used fresh compost.

Blossom end rot doesn't usually effect cherry tomatoes but all the medium and large varieties have water retaining gel added to the compost to prevent is from drying out and causing calcium deficiency. You don't need gel if you can keep the soil constantly moist - but that can be difficult.

Another tip I should mention is to stake and support your bush varieties. Windy conditions can put a lot of stress on main stems and can cause damage. For low plants like Tumbling Tom, stick a few short canes into the compost between the branches.

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