Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Self Watering Planters

There are two self watering planters that are really worth considering:
  1. The Oasesbox
  2. The Quadgrow Planter
Each has its pros and cons but both are excellent for growing tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables that need the best care and attention.

Oasesbox Self Watering Planter

The benefit of a self watering planter is obvious - it doesn't need watering and feeding every day. Furthermore, because plants have access to water and nutrients 24/7, they are able to take in moisture and feed when they need it.

This keeps them from becoming stressed, especially in hot weather when soil runs dry and avoid nutrient deficiency problems such as Blossom End Rot.

Another great benefit of a self watering planter is that we can go on holiday knowing that our plants are taken care of. Considering all the effort that goes in to our plants, it is a price worth paying!

For more information about self watering planters, especially those suitable for growing tomatoes, please visit the link.

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