Thursday, 11 January 2018

Various Media For Sowing Tomato Seeds

Usually, tomato seeds are sown in seed compost but there are a number of other ways to sow tomato seeds that may be more convenient and a lot less messy than using compost.

Rockwool, sponges and Jiffy Pellets are great for sowing tomato seeds.
There are a number of advantages by using each of these media.
  • Less messy
  • No pricking out
  • Better moisture and air holding capacity than most seed compost
  • Potted on without disturbing roots
Seedlings are potted on with the cube, sponge or pellet so there is no root disturbance and they can be potted into potting compost, rockwool or any suitable media for growing tomatoes.

More information about these sowing media here.

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