Sunday, 18 March 2012

Tomato Seeds & Varieties

For me, this is the most exciting time of the season - choosing which tomato varieties to grow this summer and I always end up with too many plants!

  • Bush varieties for large containers
  • Tall varieties for grow bags and the greenhouse
  • Hybrid varieties for vigour and yield
  • Heirloom tomatoes for taste and history and tradition
  • Cherry tomatoes for hanging baskets and salads
  • Medium to large varieties for slicing and sandwiches
  • Red, yellow, orange, pink, green, white and black tomatoes for colour
  • All shapes and sizes including plum tomatoes for the barbecue and frying 
The problem is ... I don't have enough room to grow all of these types - but I'll try to squeeze in as many as I can!

In my part of the world, sowing begins in earnest at the end of March and beginning of April but I've already sown lots and have plenty of seedlings growing - I can't stop myself!

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