Sunday, 2 October 2011

Indian Summer Tomatoes

For those of us who are lucky enough to be experiencing the sunny weather, it's given the tomato plants an extended season. There are new shoots sprouting from a number of the tomato plants around the garden and the cuttings that were taken in July/August have also started producing ripe tomatoes!

It's not unusual to have a spell of good weather in the Autumn, but the past few days have been particularly warm and tomato plants growing in container need watering once or even twice daily.

My list for 2012 includes Golden Cherry F1, Chocolate Cherry, Red Alert, Tumbling Tom (red and yellow) and Oregon Spring.

There are literally hundreds of varieties from which to choose and the seed brochure says good things about all of them - how do we make a decision?

 My plan is to grow varieties that I know will produce a good harvest in my area, plus two or three new ones - split resistant, blight tolerant and disease resistant to start with! That should offer the best chance of success.

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