Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tomato Blight

The biggest challenge for the outdoor tomato grower (in the UK at least) is avoiding tomato blight.

Many gardeners had a problem with this last season and quite a few people who I've talked to lost many of their plants to this fungal disease.

Here are a few suggestions on ways to avoid blight.

  • Grow varieties that are resistant such as Ferline & Legend.

  • Spray with a systemic fungicide (Dithane 945 in the UK).
    Find some way to provide cover to keep rain off leaves.

  • Sow later in the season with early season varieties.

  • Avoid condensation in the greenhouse with greater ventilation.

  • De-leafing (to a degree) helps air circulation.

  • Keep plants as healthy as possible ... seaweed extract stimulates growth and helps plants combat disease.

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